SAMCO report is an independent review of South African commercial and industrial property


The SAMCO Report is an independent review of South African commercial and industrial property, featuring articles by professionals from the leading companies in the property industry on all aspects of the market. The SAMCO Report 2018/19 is the 22nd edition of this annual publication. Each contributor and advertiser receives 30 copies of the Report per page booked. Additional copies of the Report are distributed by SAPOA at the SAPOA Convention and from the SAPOA offices. The SAMCO Report is also published ONLINE at the website.


By its nature as a reference document, consulted throughout the year and, indeed, for many years thereafter, the estimation of the precise readership is difficult. However, with copies being distributed by all the contributors every year and the availability of the ONLINE Report on this website and via the SAPOA website, the readership is extremely diverse throughout the property industry and other interested parties in South Africa and overseas. The SAMCO website received over 144 000 hits last year.

Copies of the SAMCO Report

Printed copies of the SAMCO Report are available ONLY from the contributors and advertisers and from SAPOA. The digital version is freely available online – just click on the link on this page.

Contributors and Advertisers

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